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Thirsty 4Tha Paper

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Hit Single "Thirsty" ft. Rasheeda

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Trill Will Gold Grill Bio

Rapper Trill Will Gold Grill Was born 

Willie Rutherford in Benton County, Mississippi. Where he and his mother later on moved to San diego, California with his Relatives. As reality sunk in where it left Them with no other option but to be homeless. While getting financially established him and his mother moved to public housing, where he was exposed to robbery, killings, drug and gang activity. As a young child with no father figure he was exposed to the streets and it led him to adapt to his peers. With the pressure being on he was being forced to join a neighborhood gang on which he refused, led him to being hospitalized with a severe cut on his arm. Due to the non-stop violence in the community his mother saw fit it was best to move back down south. Coming back to the community where he was influence by the neighborhood drugs dealers, he started to sell drugs and living the streets life. With no other way of expressing himself he started to make music pertaining to his everyday life. While doing so he was being convicted of drug charges, in and out of jail, while attending to legal fees. Learning the negativity side he uses the same energy and makes music about his life, encouraging the youth and others to do better than him.